Hair Care Recommendations


Prep by parting your hair small sections, at least 6-8 sections

Gently detangle each section with wide-tooth comb from the ends and work your way up towards the weft or lace to ease out tangles

Apply water for complete saturation

Apply generous amount of conditioner (recommend Tresemme Curl Hydrate Conditioner for Curly Hair - for curly or wavy hair), then glide through hair with wide-tooth comb to detangle

Leave conditioner on for at least 45-minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water

Dry with t-shirt, cotton hair towel, or microfiber towel

Gently coat hair in sections with dime-sized leave-in conditioner (recommend Tresemme Curl Hydrate Conditioner for Curly Hair and Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls - for curly and wavy hair)

Apply dime sized amount of smoothing oil or glossing polish (recommend Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum) if desired to weigh down hair strands and minimize frizz throughout day

For curly and wavy hair, may scrunch or set in rollers to enhance pattern

Allow to air dry (or use hair dyer with diffuser tip to dry to approximately 60% for more exaggerated curls or waves)

Apply intensive hair masque or hot oil treatment monthly 

Chuchu do not recommend using shampoo product on your hair extensions. The cleaning properties or components in shampoo can be very harsh and cause your strands to become dry, frizzy, and break over time


Of note:

Massage of hair and/or the use of regular bath towel may cause excessive frizz

To avoid unnecessary breakage, use a comb to remove tangles after washing your hair