Return & Refund Policy

All sales can be cancelled within 7 hours of purchase. After the first 7 hours of purchase, all sales will be FINAL and there are NO refund allowed on any ground

Store credit (with 12 months expiration) will be given for NEW and UNUSED item(s) if return request completed WITHIN 7 days of receipt of order(s) [i.e. complete all return request of NEW and UNUSED item(s) WITHIN 7 days of receipt of order(s) to qualify for a store credit]

Of note, item(s) returned MUST have its original tag, zip tie uncut, unbleached/not colored (original color not altered), unused or unworn (not installed), and undamaged to be honored for store credit

Any return request of NEW and UNUSED (not altered) item(s) received AFTER the 7 days time frame will be disqualified and will be mail back to customer at their expense

Buyer (customer) is responsible for return shipping cost

To start return, please contact us